Stewart snatches late win for sea eagles

Stewart snatches late win for sea eagles

Stratford Marine Wildlife Area chief executive Paul Furlong says the eagles died before the tide receded and a big hole was dug under their burrow to carry their remains away.

"You can see a very different eagles presence. We can see in the area where the eagles are nesting, we've seen some 더킹카지노burrowing on other beaches, and now we've had a big hole in that burrow dug up."

"We also know from the satellite-based moni우리카지노toring it looks like most of the ea바카라사이트gles are dead. That means there's still a pretty significant quantity in the ground where they could be found."

Mr Furlong says the eagles were found on the beach at Stratford Marine Wildlife Area which is just north of the beach.

"They were nestled deep within a large burrow of rocks and they weren't there to do anything but to stay here during the winter months.

"As a result of the time between the birth of the eagles and their death, there is still a significant amount of water in the site, and all of the animal's remains were stored.

"We need to do a full investigation and to do something about removing all of the carcasses.

"We will find out a lot more about what's happening on the beach in the future, what's caused the eagles to die there."

Geraldine Cook, spokesman for the Strathfield Sea Eagles, said on behalf of the group she was shocked to hear of the death of the eagles.

"Our pride and joy at the sea is the eagles, but it is very sad they will have to be gone by the time the tide comes up again and everything starts to settle," she said.

"We don't know yet what's happened and how many will survive to be counted, but we are very worried about what's going to happen to all the other eagles that have come to Strathfield since we've last heard anything in March.

"We don't believe that this will be a repeat situation with the Strathfield eagles."

An independent consultant who spoke to Morning Report on condition of anonymity said the eagles would likely have been more vulnerable to predation if the water level had been higher.

Mr Furlong says the eagles were probably the best option to get them through the winter months.

"They'd probably have gone in during February an

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